Our Mission

Maranatha Children’s Foundation supports children and the less fortunate in the Dominican Republic. Let’s help these families have a better future. Please donate online today.

Fundación de Maranatha Niños apoya a los niños y los menos afortunados en la República Dominicana. Vamos a ayudar a estas familias a tener un futuro mejor. Por favor done hoy.


In 2007, Jamal Ghanim met the Urena siblings playing in the streets of Santo Domingo that were in desperate need of new clothes. Helping the Urena family lead to us helping many other poor families. Our efforts today donate clothes and money to support proper diets, education, jobs and home improvement. Please help. Every effort counts.

En 2007, se reunió Jamal Ghanim los hermanos Urena que juegan en las calles de Santo Domingo que estaban en necesidad desesperada de ropa nueva. Ayudar a la familia daban Urena nos ayuda a muchas otras familias pobres. Nuestros esfuerzos actuales donan ropa y dinero para apoyar una dieta adecuada, la educación, el empleo y mejoras para el hogar. Por favor ayuda. Cada esfuerzo cuenta.

Our Founder

Jamal Ghanim was in the Dominican Republic and witnessed children on the street begging for food and attention. He made it his personal goal to help them. Since then, Mr. Ghanim frequently visits as a friend and volunteer.

Jamal Ghanim se encontraba en la República Dominicana y fue testigo de los niños en la calle pidiendo comida y atención. Él hizo su meta personal para ayudarles. Desde entonces, el Sr. Ghanim visita con frecuencia como un amigo y voluntario.

Support or Volunteer

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”
– Mother Teresa, 1910

Maranatha Children’s Foundation is a New Jersey based nonprofit assisting families in the Dominican Republic with charitable efforts including clothing, education, monetary donations and home improvement projects. You can help support these heart-warming efforts by donating too or simply volunteering. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated.

Our Efforts

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Urena Siblings

Meet the Urena family that where the first foundation assistance recipients (from left to right): Johan Manuel, Mr. Ghanim, Darelyn Isabel and Daury Jose. Amazing children that you can help.

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Thank You Old Navy

A heart-felt thank you to Richie (store manager) and staff at Old Navy of Menlo Park Mall in Edison, NJ. Their clothing donation helped many families in need in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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All-Day Electricity for Homes

We are purchasing generators to power small homes all day. With the electrical installation, each home upgrade only costs $500. No more spoiled food in the refrigerator for these families.